Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

As a company, people often ask us what is a fire risk assessment? In very basic terms, it’s an aligned process that evaluates the risk of fire at your business, home, office or factory. Following a set of standards outlined by the government, we assess the risk you’re at of having a fire. As well as the consequences that having a fire will have.

In calculating this risk we look to identify all potential hazards and the people who may be at risk. We then evaluate each risk and look for ways to remove or reduce that risk. Then we work with you to create a plan for emergencies as well as looking at ways that training can help reduce the risk to you, your employees, business or family members.

How Often Should an Assessment be Completed?

Your fire risk assessment is deemed to be a ‘living’ document. It should grow and move with your company as your business changes. This means it should be revisited on a regular basis to ensure that all risks are adequately measured and plans are in place. We recommend carrying out an assessment at least annually to ensure that no significant changes have been made in the workplace. However, there are some businesses that should perform an assessment a lot more regular.

Changes to your business that might require a new fire risk test may include

  • Business expansion
  • Influx of new staff
  • New services offered
  • Moving premises
  • A change in legislation

Any of the items above pose a fire risk. They could all change the way in which you need to evacuate your premises in the event of a fire. A larger influx of new staff could mean you need some more fire safety training so that everyone is aware of procedures and meeting points.